please help me identify this hat brand
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I bought a fedora for $10, forgot where, and now would like to purchase another. Knowing the maker/brand should help. pics inside.
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Google images seems broken today, so no help that way. You might want to do a search for trilbies as well as fedoras, since the hat is kind of on the border between the two.
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This hat has the same branding/logos, so that's probably the right brand at least. Still trying to find your exact hat.
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Google Images is back! Yup, brand is MinLee/Star/Vivian, style number W19S40B. Here it is in purple Large/X-Large at Amazon,"currently unavailable". They have it in a few other colors, though.
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Darn, I'm too slow :P
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Also, this may be a good alternative, if you can't find your exact hat. Same brand, looks like it might be the same material and dimensions, only lacking the stitched band.
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