I Can Name That Movie In One Film Set....
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Time-Sensitive filter, Name-that-Movie filter, Korea filter: Can anyone confirm what movie this abandoned set in Korea was built for? And fast?

This is for an article I'm doing on "abandoned film sets," which is due today (although my editor is amenable to waiting one more day given this circumstance). The hotel in those pictures is on Jeju Island, and the pictures make it look AMAZING, and my editor would be all over it - the only problem is, I can't find any confirmation that it even WAS a film set, much less what film it was built for. I've written to the owner of that blog, and he said he heard it was for a film called "Romantic Orange", but isn't sure.

The article can run without it if necessary (I've got a good number of sites), but the pictures just look so amazing I'd love to include them. But I do need some kind of confirmation this was a film set in the first place. This would appear on Atlas Obscura.

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There's this: Films shot in Jeju...The biggest-budgeted of which is Shiri.

I wish I could do more to help, it's frustrating that that link of pics doesn't even offer a guess as to what the movie might have been, if there even was one.
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Could it be the TV drama Taewangsasingi (Legend)?
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Response by poster: I don't think it's "Legend", but if I can't find the name of that film I may just do something about the Legend sets themselves, especially if they can be toured. I really wanted an Asian location in the mix.
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If you don't find your answer here you might want to try reaching out to the Film commission office at Jeju Island.
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Response by poster: Cazoo - would they be able to respond by tomorrow?....
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I mean, it's a Saturday, so maybe not, but if you can, I'd at least try calling in about seven or eight hours.
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A different tack, maybe find someone who knows korean and can think of things "Romantic Orange" might sound like. It could just be a bad translation.
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Best answer: And, perhaps contact the person who wrote this article on abandoned drama sets. They mention a list of 35 sets built w/government money, but I couldn't quite google beyond that for a list.
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I'm very doubtful that's actually a film set. I mean they finished the movie and just wandered off, leaving all the expensive props and furniture there to be played with by roving hipsters? Korean film producers must have a hell of a lot more money to waste than any I've ever worked with.

I mean there's intact greenery and flowers and tablecloths for God's sake! Not sure what's going on here, but unless they were shooting there yesterday and are planning to come back for pickup shots tomorrow, I find it very hard to believe that's a movie set.
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Response by poster: From reading politikitty's link, it sounds like there's a whole bunch of sets on Jeju in general, so I may just use the whole island and cheat by saying "various" things have been filmed there, and drop a couple names from the article.

Didn't get the name, but I at least have a way to dodge. Thanks.
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Best answer: Looks like it is indeed a film set, from the 2009 drama "Swallow the Sun." It is located in Seogwipo City. This article (in Korean) says it has become an "eyesore," and apparently the producer of the drama, Newport Pictures, is holding a lien on it to secure a debt owed by another production company that originally said it was going to support the drama. It's not really supposed to be there but it isn't clear under the law what should happen to it. (Also, supposedly there are "no entry" signs posted, but I guess they were probably in Korean only in which case those bloggers couldn't have read them!)
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Response by poster: Hot damn. Thank you, st. elmo! I think I'm still gonna do Jeju Island and all its sets overall, but it's good to know that.
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