Thin onion rings in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul?
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My wife loves those thin onion rings and has a birthday coming up. She'd like to celebrate at at some place that has great skinny rings. Can you recommend any restaurants with tasty onion rings in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or any of the Twin Cities suburbs? I can't recall what the onion rings are like at different restaurants and her examples of good rings are from other cities.
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I can't answer this for you, I'm afraid, but if you find no success here it may be a question for Chowhound.
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Best answer: Mac's Industrial has their "burning rings of fire" which are thinly breaded onion rings, I'm not sure if they're what you'you have in mind. Plus, it's pretty sports-barry inside (they used to have an awesome happy hour, no longer I'm afraid).
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Seconding Mac's burning rings of fire! Very skinny and a little spicy. Overall their prices are decent so go for it.
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5-8 Club maybe? There's a user photo here that shows their "onion strings."
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Best answer: Edina Grill and Highland Grill have them on the menu
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Best answer: I am a long ways from Minneapolis, but if all else fails, make The Pioneer womans onion strings

Not a night out, but awesome and not hard, just requires planning.
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Smashburger has these, but it is "fast casual", not really a birthday dinner kind of place. It would work for a birthday lunch.

Highland Grill, as mentioned by goggie, has great pierogis, too!
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I can't claim to be a connoisseur, but I really like the onion rings (and the pizza, and the beer) at Dulono's Pizza at Lake and Garfield.
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The onion rings at the 5-8 Club, at least the last time I was there in January, were out of a bag, which was disappointing. To add insult to injury the pickle chips and onion straws we ordered were really greasy and limp. Culvers, of all places, has really good real onion rings.
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Famous Dave's has them as well. I've never eaten them as an appetizer, but I've had them as a burger topping and they seemed good, crisp with a bit of spice.
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Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub in south Minneapolis has onion rings fried in waffle batter that I dig. Not skinny, though.

(I have enjoyed the onion straws at 5-8 in the past, though they do pack some serious salt and grease.)
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Let me re-confirm that Culver's has side orders of deep fried, non-limpy, thin cut onion rings. Just had them on Sunday at the Culver's on Nicolett and American Blvd, just off 494.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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