Added a video to YouTube, but it refuses to show up in the Feed
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Recently uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel. It appears in the "videos" tab but not the home page. How can I move it over??

Video Manager is no help. The clip's there with the master list of videos but I can't find a way to move it to the main page/landing page for the YouTube channel. How can I accomplish this?
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Make sure it doesn't say "DRAFT" after the video in the video manager (if it does, you have to press the Publish button to the right, and then it'll take a minute or two before it shows up on the channel page).
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Response by poster: Also tried to delete it, then add it again. That didn't work. YouTube told me I'd tried to upload duplicate content, so the second load didn't happen. First one wasn't deleted, but still isn't moved to the feed.

Effbot: Draft isn't an issue here, but thanks for responding.
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Are you sure it's not set to 'private'? I remember a lot of the uploaders I've used (I think on OSX or iOS) default to 'unpublished/private' which means you can link to the video but it won't show up on feeds or anywhere else.
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Best answer: So in video manager you should see some icons next to each video (well, on the right).

Globe icon indicates public. Checkmark icon indicates published. Are both of those showing for this video? (You should be able to hover over them, globe will just say "Public" on hover, checkmark will show date and time it was published).
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