Can I Hyperlink Into a Kindle Book?
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I have a large book on my Kindle account. I use the Windows Kindle application to read Kindle books on my PC. I would like to create a simple HTML file on my PCcontaining links that will open a specific Kindle book to a specified location. Is this possible? Criteria: No coding other than HTML.
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Unless there is a Kindle protocol registered with the Windows OS, you'll need to add one.

In other words, to start, you'd probably need to edit the a Windows Registry so that when a link like kindle://foo#Chapter_One is clicked on, the right application gets opened.
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That's also going to depend on the application being able to take command-line parameters (or some equivalent) so that it is aware which page/section to flip to. Google doesn't give any immediate leads on launching the "Kindle for PC" Amazon application with any kind of input parameters, but I'm not terribly familiar with the software.

Building on Blazecock Pileon's answer, you will almost certainly need to use a Kindle-reading app that supports being passed parameters (presumably denoting a book identifier and a section or page identifier).
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You might check with the Amazon Kindle developer forums and support resources for more help about the specifics of the Windows client and whether it supports those parameters that Doofus Magoo mentions. You'll need that info, along with the protocol support.
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