Can you help me deploy my Django project?
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I made a project using Django! I have no idea how to put it online! Can you please walk me through it like I'm five years old?

I made a simple project in Django. It works when I use the Django production server. I want to put it online. What do I have to do, exactly?

I read through the Django deployment checklist, but I got totally lost after that. I have no idea what mod_wsgi or Apache are, and I can't find any beginner-friendly resources. Additional complications: I'm running Windows. My program also uses libraries like Beautiful Soup.

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Have you looked here? There are IIS 7 instructions. I hate mod_wsgi, and wouldn't wish it on anyone. When in Linux I use Apache + mod_proxy_http + gunicorn (what actually runs the Django project).

On Windows I'd turn toward something IIS based, not Apache. There are a lot of steps with that HeliconTech Zoo, but it does make sense to me.
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Are running Windows on your PC or on your server? Or that you intend to serve your website directly from your Windows PC? If you do not have a server and do not plan on running the site from your PC, your first step is finding a hosting provider, probably Linux- or cloud-based.
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You don't specify if your server is Windows or if your development environment is Windows. If you don't have a specific server to put your application on, it might be easier to use a hosted cloud service like Heroku. Here are Django deployment instructions on Heroku.
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Do you plan to host it on your Windows machine, or do you want to put it up on a server somewhere? Unless you have a strong reason to do the former, I'd suggest the latter. The simplest way to do that is probably to use Heroku.
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Seconding heroku! Getting Started with Django on heroku.

(um, whoops, thirding heroku, I guess)
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yes, you want a hosted solution that will take care of the halrd parts for you. I used webfaction when I was in exactly your situation a while back.
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The Django docs are pretty current and state of the art (that's nginx or mod_wsgi), but if that isn't accessible enough for you PAAS (platform as a service) services like Heroku (or or whatever) have a higher-level approach to configuration and documentation that should suit you.

(Also, consider lxml and its html5 submodule if you start noticing Beautiful Soup's venerable age)
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Response by poster: Love you, MeFi. I am totally new to web stuff. Heroku doesn't seem to work well with Windows, so I'll try it with a Linux VM. Thanks!
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