E-ink tablet wirelessly mirrors laptop?
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My computer is inside my apartment; my e-ink tablet is in the backyard; both are on the same wireless network. The tablet both (1) mirrors everything on the computer and (2) serves as a wireless keyboard and mouse, sending my touch commands to the computer. How close to this setup am I able to come right now?

I'm aware of this but don't think it's on the market yet. I know there are apps by which a laptop can mirror a tablet via local wireless network, but I haven't been able to locate the reverse. And I'm not aware of an e-ink tablet that can run Android or iOS.

Thoughts? How close can I come, what variations on this have you had success with, what problems am I not anticipating, and is there reason to think that the market is close to providing what I need?

Thanks in advance!
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Have you looked at rooting an e-ink tablet like the Nook and then running something like VNC or remote desktop client?
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What OS is your computer running?
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There's a VNC client for e-ink Kindles that are rooted and one for Kobo devices, but neither handles input, only viewing.

What's your goal? Maybe there's some other way to do what you want, like via an SSH connection to your computer?
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Response by poster: ChocolatePickle, right now I'm running Windows though I may be switching to Ubuntu.

bottlebrushtree and bcwinters, thanks, that's a helpful start; a rooted ereader may be the ~tablet I need. I gather that the VNC/SSH approach is an alternative to using my wireless network as I'd envisioned -- the tablet would instead be connected securely to the laptop over the Internet.

The goal is to be able to leave the laptop docked at my desk and wander outside to work in the sunlight from exactly where I'd left off.
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VNC/SSH would be using your wireless network, which is a small private branch of the internet, unless you're running an ad-hoc network just between the two devices. I'd be willing to bet that the wifi-enabled monitor in your video is running a vnc client, in any case. It looks like this might be possible, albeit clunky, already: Kindle DX as E Ink computer monitor

As for whether the market is close to providing this, I wouldn't think so. It's a pretty niche need, and while e-ink displays can be surprisingly capable, I just don't see there being enough of a market for this particular thing for it to be something you'll be able to buy off the shelf. (Until the technology's to the point where you can specify a color e-ink display on your new tablet/laptop, at which point you won't need the remote monitor.) If you want to experiment yourself, though, it looks like you can turn a Kobo Glo into an Android tablet, which ought to get you most of the way there. If you could get Android onto an Onyx BOOX M92, that'd probably be ideal. I think someone was working on a port last year, but I don't know whether that panned out or not.
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