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Which websites, blogs, forums, etc, should I be following to be kept in the loop regarding new releases in international LGBTQ[etc] cinema?

Recently I stumbled across a gif set from the film Freier Fall. That led me to W imie. However, finding gifs on tumblr, fun though that is, is extremely hit and miss. I'm looking for something that is language-agnostic and that also contains reviews. IMDB's "released in year X and tagged with Y" isn't really cutting it. Amazon is doing a reasonable job, surprisingly, but the quality of the reviews isn't all that great sometimes.

I have a preference for gay films, but I'm also interested in pretty much anything under the QUILTBAG umbrella that's worth watching.
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I would say that you can start with After Ellen and The Backlot as well as Autostraddle. The Backlot is (as you might guess) aimed more at guys while the other two are more for queer women.
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Frameline is, I believe, the largest LGBT film festival. Check out their website and specifically the program guide for their most recent (June 2013) film festival. Or actually, it looks like you can still search through online for films they showed in 2013:
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Another event website: Chicago's Reeling Film Festival.
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