Property taxes on a new house in New Jersey
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Hi, I'm doing my 2014 taxes. I moved to New Jersey on Dec. 13, 2013 (from New York) and during the closing I paid the property tax for December, as well as 3 months of property tax in advance for the first Q of 2014. My question is: one my taxes, do I claim just the December taxes, or can I claim all the money I paid in 2013?
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Did you actually pay 3 months in advance to the state, or did you just put 3 months into escrow with your mortgage company?

If it's the former I don't know the answer (and would be surprised you did this), if it's the latter then no, you cannot claim this until they are actually paid to the state...
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You deduct what you actually pay. If the county got it all in 2013, you deduct it all in 2013.
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