I like a song. Please help me find songs like it.
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I like the song "Running" by Computer Magic. What are some other songs like this with digital instrumentation and clear female pop vocals?
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It reminds me of Röyksopp's "The Girl and The Robot."

I think I'm going to like this thread.
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Flight Facilities - Stand Still
from back in 07, Annie - Chewing Gum
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Maybe a bit edgier than you'd like, but Chris and Cosey. And Yaz.
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The Chromatics immediately come to mind.
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From the album "Piece Work", Courtney Tidwell's Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan's Objects in Space Mix).

Actually that whole album may have more than one track that fits your criteria.
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Class Actress, Keep You

St. Vincent, Digital Witness
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The Chromatics immediately come to mind.

See also everything johnny jewel is involved in. this or this mixtape, and this album.

None of it is as echoey dreamy guitars and summery as that track, but i have a feeling you'll be into it if you're into that. It's sort of the "night time" version of the same vibe.
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