Tabletop gaming in Italy?
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My friend will be visiting Rome and Venice on her honeymoon in a few months. She loves the Italian card game Bang! and has joked that she expects to play it in Italy. Is there a way for me to actually make this happen for her?

Maybe I can find a gaming store near Rome or Venice that has regular tabletop sessions (though I don't know if that's just an American game store thing)? Or perhaps there is some way to search for English speakers who live in those areas, and find a board game player among them? I'm in the US, and she will be coming from the US as well.
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Look on meetup for a game or post an invite on couchsurfing. I went out salsa dancing in Milan thanks to couchsurfing!
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Talk to people on the flight over. Somebody is bound to know someone who's a bang!-player.
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The laws or taboos may have changed, but I know that in the past it was either rude or illegal (Italian laws are so complicated that the division between those two concepts is much fuzzier than in most Anglo-Saxon countries) to play cards in public, due (I was told) to very strict anti-gambling laws that seemed to apply even if you weren't betting on the game. Italians would be fairly unlikely to invite a stranger into their private homes, so I'd concentrate on game stores or, maybe easier, calling the hotels/hostels where she'll be and seeing if they can help.
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There isn't a chance she's making a double entendre about "bang"ing on her honeymoon in Italy, is there? Just asking before you go through the trouble...
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I'll bet there are a bunch of English speakers studying abroad there, especially in Rome. Maybe check with American/British universities in the city and/or language schools to see if they offer game nights or clubs that would play the game.
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