Smartphone upgrade: Android, iPhone 5c and a Sony Smartwatch
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I have an original Droid with a slide-out keyboard with Verizon, and I'm looking to upgrade. I also have a Sony Smartwatch, first edition. I've been looking at iPhones longingly for a while, and Verizon had a deal on the iPhone 5c that expired yesterday, so without much thought, I ordered one. It's on backorder, and I have 14 days to try it and return it without penalty, and I'm only now doing proper research on my options. So here I am, looking for insight and input.

Problem #1: the Sony Smartphones (original and v2) only work with Android phones. Does anyone know of work-arounds to get them to work with iPhones? I haven't seen any. I'm not in love with the device, but it is fun, and I got it for this past Christmas from my parents-in-law, so I'd like to keep using it (or maybe trade up?).

Problem #2: my household is all Windows, and I really like the ability to quickly and easily drop music and files onto my phone without using a specific program like iTunes to manage files.

So this makes the iPhone less appealing. BUT ... I love the iPhone camera, and my Droid's camera is pretty awful, and not in a charming way like a digital Holga. Still, I've taken about a thousand photos in 4 years 2 months. And my father has an iPhone, so we could use Facetime to video chat pretty easily with my parents and their grandson, which they'd love. We use Skype and Google Chat, but that requires getting to computers and whatnot.

I only use my Droid for listening to music, texting, browsing websites, occasional YouTube video viewing, and taking photos.

My wife is also looking for a new phone, and she primarily uses Facebook and web browsing, viewing YouTube videos, playing mini games and texting, especially voice-based texting, as it's good on her Droid 3 and is faster than typing with the pull-out keyboard.

Looking at Verizon's page of eligible upgrades, phones that are free (or near free) with a 2 year contract are: Moto X, Droid Ultra and Mini, Droid RAZR M, Samsung Galaxy S III and 4 mini, Hydro ELITE, Enact, Nokia Lumia 928, and BlackBerry Z10.

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If you're both already on Android and happy with it, you would experience quite the system shock to switch. Most people who switch are only happy if they were previously unhappy.

I don't personally know anything about Sony Smartwatch working with iPhone, but a cursory Google search says it's just not possible.

As for video chatting between iPhone and Android - there are Skype and Google Hangouts apps for both platforms, so you wouldn't need to worry about getting to a PC.

If you're looking for free/nearly free, Moto X is probably your best bet. If you want to future-proof a bit more, the LG G2 shouldn't be too expensive and is great (once you get used to the buttons on the back; took me about 3 days and now I love it) - with an awesome camera too. Not sure about the prices on the GS4 or the new GS5, but both have excellent cameras as well.
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I own a Moto X and for free with contract renewal, that's one of the best deals out there.
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With the variety of android phones, some have better cameras than others. It's not just one class of "android" cameras.

If you want to wait for it the Galaxy S5 is supposed to have a great camera. Current well reviewed ones are LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Possibly the HTC One or One M8 might be good for you. Heck, with a Sony Xperia Z1 you can take underwater photos. Test your google fu to find well reviewed cameras which have foot print / price / other specs you want.
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