Where can I buy Coors Banquet Beer in NYC?
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After trying Coors Banquet Beer purchased at a grocery store in Colorado, I have a strange and growing craving to drink this supremely yeasty beverage again. However, I'm having trouble locating it (tried Fairway UES and Whole Foods Union Square so far). I checked the Coors website locator, but it gives me locations that sell ALL kinds of Coors, which is not helpful. Have you seen this beer? Help!

Actual "I've seen this <HERE>!" would be ideal, as I'd prefer not to call around the whole city in my quest, but good leads will be gratefully accepted. If you've laid eyes on a sixpack of this goodness on the East Side, you'll make my day.

Finally, suggestions of good substitutes would be welcome, as it seems this may be a limited release.
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Best answer: That is the regular Coors beer. Anyplace that sells Coors should have that.
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Whole Foods probably considers Coors below their dignity and outside their market. Is there a generic corner liquor store or non-upscale supermarket you can try? I don't know NYC stores. Here in LA, that'd be a Ralph's / Von's / Pavillions thing; in MD it'd be Safeway, Giant, etc. in upstate Ny, Fry's or Wegmans. Hopefully I've circumlocuted around the type of store you want.
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No, Coors Banquet Beer is different than regular Coors beer. See this, for example.

In any event, here's a beer distributor located in Manhattan. Call them up and ask them where to get it.
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The picture in your link is the re-released vintage throwback bottle. All non-light Coors beer is "Banquet Beer". It has said it in small letters under the name for ever.
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Yep, it's the same old stuff. Neat bottle, though.
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"Banquet" is simply a Coors marketing term. I've noticed Coors has been heavily advertising the "Banquet" hook lately, but as far as I know, the labels have always said "The Banquet Beer" on them somewhere.

If you see a 6-pack of non-light Coors, it's "Banquet" whether or not is has the word on the label.
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Yeah, non-light Coors is Coors Banquet -- also look for "Coors Original."
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Nthing this is just regular Coors Banquet in a shmancy bottle. Pioneer at 74th and Columbus has it (in the plain cans at least). I've seen it at most bodegas as well.
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Best answer: Oh, also, if you bought it at a Colorado grocery store, it's likely 3.2 beer due to CO alcohol laws, and may have a different taste. If you bought it at a beer store, then it's the regular beer.
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If you have any doubts, for what it's worth dfriedman's link even includes this statement:
There's nothing new about Banquet — same flavor, same family, even the same packaging since returning to it's heritage stubby bottle and a "commemorative can."
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I once worked on the Coors account.

Coors is the Banquet Beer was the tagline in the '70s. It's supposedly because of the post-work miner's banquets. As part of differentiating original Coors from the better selling Coors Light and emphasizing the heritage and manliness, they've been playing up the "Banquet" part. In Colorado, "Banquet" is the bar call of Coors original.

Outside of Colorado, ask for original Coors or Coors Golden (brewed in Golden, Colorado too!).

If you feel bad about liking a mainstream beer, you can always have a Blue Moon. Or drink a sip of Keystone to remind yourself it can get a lot cheaper.
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My dad drank Coors pretty much exclusively when I was a kid. I love the craft beer explosion, and will happily quaff the latest HOPTASTIC brew--or my own homebrew--but there is a time for Coors. For me it's when you're almost done mowing the lawn on an 80 degree Saturday and you're thinking about firing up the grill.
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Response by poster: HA! This is amazing!

If you can believe it, I had never had a Coors of any kind before drinking this particular one.

Thanks all =] You made my day, not in the way I expected...in an even BETTER way because I can get my low-brow fix anywhere!
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