Best Online Printable Big Maps of Central Paris
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Where can i find the best free printable maps of Central Paris? Something big I can print out multi-page. (I can find plenty of tiny print maps which aren't for me). I'm thinking it would fit on 25 sheets of 8 x 11. I'd fold it and carry it with me. A good map that shows the relative widths of streets. Labels the main sights, shows tube stations. Google Maps doesn't fill the bill. If you have a really really good memory, I asked this question about London last year :) and I found Perfect! I had a blast using the large map. Planning my trip, I spread it out on my kitchen table and plotted my motley movements. When I got there, i folded it to the right page to bail myself out when i bumbled my bearings. And afterwards I had a keepsake with angsty autographs of the people I met. So is there a website that has these kind of maps for Paris?
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You can use openstreetmap and some tools to get nice printed maps

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If you print out your own maps you will deprive yourself of the joy of using the Paris Pratique Par Arrondissement! Although it covers a lot more than just central Paris.
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So much time, effort and ink. Wouldn't a pre-printed map work better?

Michelin #54
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Not a printable map. I'm afraid.
But this is enormous fun.
A 26 gigapixel photo of the place.
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