Sturdy, simple, portable trade show display?
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My company does a lot of trade shows. We've had some complaints that our banner stands either are pain to put up and take down, or that they're not sturdy enough. What they've requested is a table top display without a light or extra pieces that will travel and set up well. Anybody out there have experience with trade show displays, and have a brand or model that's held up especially well for you?
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Are there other attendees at any of those shows that your travel/presentation team could ask for a product suggestion?
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Response by poster: Probably, but we've got to order new ones before our next show. Hence the askme.
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Best answer: What brand are you using now? I worked very briefly for a company that designed/sold trade show displays, and of the different brands we offered customers seemed to prefer Nimlok. They had a large line of portable, easy to set-up and take down dispays.
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Best answer: did a really nice tabletop display for us that is really sturdy. On phone or would link - check them!
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Best answer: I used Nimlok stuff for years. It will take the severe beating that your standard Freeman cartage folks will throw at it, as well as the airlines.

Depending on how long you need it to last, you might consider buying two plus a spare-parts kit.

They do tend to be expensive, so if you find a framework you like, you can buy one used and then just have new graphics or panels made for it.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys - going to check out Nimlock and!
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