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Help me find a carrying case with a shoulder strap for this device. Closed dimensions are 13.4” (W) x 12.5” (D) x 2.1” (H). The closest I've found is this and based on the description it should work. However, I just received it and I though it fits, the corners of my device are sticking out just enough that I can't zip it. Everything else about the bag is perfect - the pockets, the shoulder strap, and most importantly, the price. I'm not too picky about material, but would prefer black, grey, or a solid color. Preferably under $25, but would like to look at anything under $50.
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This one looks like it might fit: Everest Messenger bag - Large

This one will, with a bit of room left over in one dimension. Can be slung or backpacked: Bellino 3 way vertical compucase

They have a great return policy, and I've never had an issue with anything I bought from ebags.
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Agreed on eBags -- here is the search for all laptop bags under $30, and you can expand that up to $50.

In addition to the ones tilde pulled out, the Sumdex Passage Single Compartment Computer Brief looks like it might work.

And eBags has free returns so it's pretty risk-free.
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What about musical cases? Saw this for under $50 browsing the Amazon Warehouse site ... Alesis-iO-Dock-Bag-Interface
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Last thought - Amazon has some cheap Neoprene bags by Built that should fit the bill.
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I love the Built Neoprene bags and have found all kinds of creative uses for them, including using the Built wine bag as carrying cases for my braille displays, once I added a bit of velcro to keep it closed. I think I'll need more of a shoulder strap for the VisioBook and some of the suggestions above look like they might fit the bill perfectly. Thanks so much for the suggestions.
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