Online DVD sellers that aren't Amazon?
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Can anyone recommend a US-based online DVD store other than Amazon that ships internationally?

I'm looking for a DVD merchant that meets the following criteria:

- Offers worldwide shipping for every item in its catalogue at non-extortionate prices
- Has a decent range
- Has reasonable prices
- Has good customer service
- Doesn't have problems with counterfeit/bootleg DVDs in its supply chain

I've usually purchased from Amazon in the past, but the network of third party sellers (most of which don't ship internationally) that seems to fulfill a large portion of its DVD orders is becoming too much of a headache to navigate. I'm also hesitant to buy off Ebay due to the number of low quality bootleg DVDs being sold there.
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Amazon has localized international sites for a lot of countries. Have you looked into that?
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CD Universe sells DVDs and ships Internationally.

So does DVD Planet.

I found these and more on this admittedly outdated list.
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CDconnection has been my go to place since before the internet. I know domestic shipping is fast and reasonable and I see they offer international.
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I'm happy with, although I've never used them for international orders.
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You might try restricting your search on Amazon to items eligible for free super saver shipping and/or Amazon prime. That way you'll only see items where the fulfillment (ie shipping) is done by Amazon, even if the payment goes to a third party.
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I've had good experiences with Deep Discount DVD - but they only sell to some countries. If you're on that list, though, I'd happily recommend them.
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Thank you all for the suggestions - I will definitely try them out.

Unfortunately there's no localised Amazon site for my region. When I order from the US I'm generally looking for older, obscure or region-specific DVDs that aren't available locally, so a local Amazon store would probably lack many of the items I'm looking for anyway. I have tried filtering by shipping option, but it tends to leave gaps in product availability that are contributing to my aforementioned problems with international shipping. I will sometimes find, for example, that volume 2 of a TV series is available direct from Amazon, but volumes 1 and 3 can only be sourced from third party sellers that don't ship overseas. Thanks for the tips anyway, though!
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