How to add multiple images at a time in Excel
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I unpacked a bunch of boxes, took photos of what was inside, and then packed them back up. I would like to create a simple inventory of the boxes with columns for box #, a photo of the contents, and a description of the contents. Here is sort of an idea of what I am trying to accomplish.

The photo column has turned into a headache.

I had planned to do this in Excel (2008, 12.3.5) but haven't been able to figure out how to do it without adding each photo individually. I'd like to add the entire folder of images at once as there are a lot of them, then go back and fill in the other columns.

I have a Mac. I can do this in something other than Excel, but it has to be something searchable and something that I can share with other people who can also search it.

(This seems to do what I'm asking for, but it's only for Windows & I haven't been able to find something similar for Macs.)
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I am using Windows and a different version of Excel. When I go to insert a picture, I select Insert... Picture... and my folder opens. I can select all the pictures in the folder (Ctrl+A for windows) and then hit OK and they are all in the sheet. They are grouped, but I can deselect them and pick one at a time. Where does that process stop working for you? I am guessing the select all part.

If it is your Excel version, or the fact that you're on a Mac, this page has some macros people have written to do this.
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