Do you like internet shoe hunts?
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These Indigo by Clark's Plush Sateen in Black [size 8 Medium!] are the black shoes I keep at work at all times. I have a few pairs of black and brown under my desk, but these shoes are perfect. So so comfortable. Go with skirts, skirt suits, pants, anything. Nondescript, but classy. And I've killed them. I need new ones. I have boring normal feet-this shouldn't be so hard.

No, I can't get them fixed. I would if I could!
I can't figure out if Clarks even makes the Indigo line anymore.
Now, I can find adorable cute shoes on my own, but adorable, cute comfy shoes!?
What I love about them:
-the "orthalite" footbed. It's crazy comfortable. I don't even know how to explain.
-the heel-not too high, not too low.
-the mary jane [not a dealbreaker]
-the "retro" shape. It's more obvious in person than the pics, but it definitely has a 40s/modcloth-esque thing going on
What I do not want:
-open toe
-heel different color than shoe
-any other colors going on than black
-prefer leather, but if it looks "high quality" it can be fake.

I'd, of course, rather not pay a million dollars, but for a high quality replacement, I'd pay $100. I've searched through about a thousand websites and a million "comfort/euro" brands and now my brain is so mixed up I can't even.
Do you like
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Response by poster: I'd explain what happened at the bottom there, but I have no idea.
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I have a couple of suggestions. These are shoes that I own and attest to:

Virtually any "dress" shoe by Merrell. I have this style and this Mary Jane style (and a few others)

This Miz Mooz pump. I also have a pair of Miz Mooz that are more like Mary Janes but I can't find them on the internet now. Miz Mooz is great for comfortable, unusual shoes with a retro vibe.

Ecco Sculptured line. I have at least 3 pairs in this line (I'm wearing one today) and they're the shoes I wear when I know I'm going to walk more than about 3 or 4 miles in a day.
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These shoes by Sofft have a similar look to me. I see Sofft shoes all.the.time at thrift stores and a lot of them look like your Clarks.
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Softspots Sophia. It has that bow, which is a little cutesier, but it follows the Sofft Mary Jane style which I think they both stole from.

But their Salude pump has a cute little curve to it that might float your boat.
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- these by Naot you do NOT want- looks can be deceiving! link
- have you checked out what else Clark's is offering? I have a pair of Clark's heeled oxfords which I like for all the same reasons you liked yours, except it doesn't have the soft built in footbed. But you can buy those at the drug store.
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A word of caution about Merrell: you say your feet are boring, but if you like wearing Clarks, they may actually be on the narrow side. I have really narrow feet, and Clarks fit me perfectly, but Merrells are all way too wide.
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Response by poster: I LOVE Miz Mooz. And want those shoes. In terms of replacing these, though, I'm trying to walk a fine line between adorable and nondescript. Also, I know it's a lot to ask in the comfort/euro range, but even those Merrells and especially the Naot read as way too clunky for what I'm going for. Keep 'em coming, though!!
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My standard advice here is "persistence and a loosely-termed eBay search". Eliminate specifics and get to "clarks mary janes 8" and get things like this - not exact, but close. Some sellers don't know their Artisan from their Indigo from their whatever, so you might have luck searching like this. Set it up to email you and comb through it every day.

Clarks merged the Indigo line into their Artisan line, and now I'm not even sure Artisan is a thing anymore, which is a shame cause they did some awesome weird-heeled booties for a while.
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I love the styling on those. I've seen these from Hotter USA (no comment on the name). They are supposed to be "comfort shoes", but I have no personal experience with them. Hotter USA also has some other similar, retro-styled heels.
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Have you looked at Camper? They have a slightly strange feel to them, but at the end of the day, they are really comfortable, and they fit your other criteria, I've worn every pair of mine to bits
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I was just coming in to say Camper as well. I have the Kim shoes and they do exactly what you want.

I like Hush Puppies for flats (which are super-comfortable), I haven't tried their heels but I expect they'd be pretty good too, there are a few styles on the website that might suit you?
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Response by poster: sarajane: what is your problem!? Now I need these. And you'll note they are neither black, nor subtle, nor under $100. That's the opposite of helping, I'll have you know :)
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Miz Mooz has a bunch of other options:
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Also, sarajane & atomicstone, I'm pretty sure Hotter doesn't refer to sexist jargon for sessy chicks. I think it refers to the fact that the shoes are breathable, not unlike Geox.
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I swear Hush Puppies do not pay me to shill for them on the internet... but their Phillippa 3 heel seems quite similar and I can attest that it is very comfortable.
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Response by poster: Chelsea Crew shoes? It's not a brand I've ever tried on, but it's definitely an appealing aesthetic. Anyone wear them? Comfort?
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Those shoes are super cute! Similar. And similar. And similar.
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Fluevogs are an amazing brand for this! They're pricey but can get close to $100 on sale. If you're entertaining not-black, check out these. And if you might be willing to spend a few more dollars, these black heels are super cute.
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What about the Clark's SugarDust?
Same company, same ortho lite sole, similar look and feel.
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Chelsea Crew shoes? It's not a brand I've ever tried on, but it's definitely an appealing aesthetic. Anyone wear them? Comfort?

I have a couple of pairs and they are pretty sweet. One was comfortable right out of the box and the other was a bit stiff. A friend has a few pairs and she says only one pair (the same as mine) was uncomfortable.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the advice-even the ones that hurt my bank account without fulfilling this specific need.
I just ordered the Earthies Essex in black [with a 20% off promo code]. Hopefully, they're close enough to what I want.
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