Portable scanner feeder, any ideas
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Does anyone have any idea for a portable scanner feeder?

I have Brother DSMobile 920DW. Hardware is pretty decent, but the software and firmware is not. When I feed the paper, majority of the times, I can not figure out (unless there is a line around header of the sheet), if the scan is going correct or slanted. Hence most of my scans are slanted. As a result, there is always a yellow area on the sides/bottoms.

As I said, the software is almost non-existent to fix these issues. I wonder if anyone figured a trick to make sure that your feed is always correct.

Did anyone find some kind of feeder?

I welcome all ideas. I really like the scanner but this part drives me really mad.
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I have a similar "wand" style scanner and when I have problems, it's because the paper I'm scanning hasn't slid in properly. Rather than resting it on the edge of the input area, I shove it in as far as it will reasonably go before I start the scan. If I have to I even hold it with my hand to guide it in at first.

That eliminates most of the mis-scans for me.
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I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S300. I really should use it much more often than I do. It's a duplex scanner like your Brother. It has a document feeder guide that contracts and folds down to cover the feed area of the scanner when not in use. It keeps dust and crap out of there quite well. I've never had any feeding issues with it so long as I didn't try to cram too many papers in the document feeder. It has a nice software interface I think and comes with good OCR software included. It's a great, sturdy little device, and I'd recommend it based on my experiences.
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