Do I need to refrigerate pickled onions?
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I have a jar of homemade curried pickled onions. It has never been opened. If I eat one, do I need to refrigerate the remainder? There's a companion jar without curry, that's been opened and has been at room temperature for some months, and they are still good. Well, subject to taste.
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Avid pickle-eater here. Once the jar has been opened, I would definitely refrigerate it.
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I've never refrigerated home made pickled onions. Never had a problem, but I've never added curry spices.
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This is a better-safe-than-sorry situation. Put them in the fridge.
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If the onions have been properly picked in vinegar, there is absolutely no need to refrigerate them. The entire purpose of pickling is preservation.
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4'C (your fridge) will retard the growth of anything that happened to a) already be in the jar (next to zero since the pickling and canning process) and b) whatever happens to fall into the jar.

Whatever happens to fall into the jar has to be able to survive and grow in the rather acidic environment.

There's definitely stuff that'll grow (and cause you immune problems) but canning and pickling processes are generally successful if done properly.

So, yeah, I'd keep eating it and fridge-ing it isn't a bad idea. But you've probably already come to that conclusion yourself.
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Response by poster: I took the ring off the jar and underneath there was mold that I can't get off, so I guess it is not to be :(
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