A solvent for cling film that will not affect casting resin?
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Hello. I would like a solvent that will help remove cling film from set resin. The resin is general purpose Lloyds approved stuff. It is now tangled up with annoying cling film. I have tried acetone. No joy. Any help would be great.
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If the cling wrap has bonded to the resin (you can tell this by trying to peel it off), you're out of luck, sorry. In my experience, there isn't really a solution here. :(
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Best answer: Generally you would try Isopropyl Alcohol then Acetone and then Ammonia to try to remove plastic films. Obviously try the solvent on a small area of the resin first to see if it has any effect on the resin.

It would be helpful if you could tell what kind of resin (polyester, epoxy ect) and what the material of the cling film is (PVC, polyurethane ect)
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Best answer: Most cling film these days is polyethylene (it used to be PVC or PVDC) which unfortunately is really quite solvent resistant. I think any solvent which touches it (eg boiling xylene) will also swell your resin to destruction.

Rather than dissolve the film, try soaking the resin in acetone for a while. This may soften the surface of the resin enough to peel the film off? Good luck!
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