Well, for starters, they ain't real...!
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Tell me everything (FACTUAL) you know about Funyuns. Truly great anecdotes, recipes (!) , etc allowed for--just not interested in creating a "Yum/Oh Gross" post; so no opinions, please. Bonus points for anyone who's ever worked on a Funyun line!
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There is a surprisingly robust and informative Wikipedia page about them.
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There's a slang term "spunion," a portmanteau of spun+onion, used to refer to someone who has done so many drugs they're permafried.
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A video on how they're made.
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I bet the broccoli with Cheetos recipe on Saveur could be adapted for Funyuns use.
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They are delicious when crushed and put on top of baked Mac and Cheese, about halfway through baking.

They are also a spectacularly good additive to batter/breading for both fish and chips and fried chicken. Again, crush them first.
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I'd say they're kind of the go-to "stoner food" if someone's making a joke about "stoner food."

Particularly because of Jim Breuer's line in "Half-Baked," in which a bunch of stoners list the food they want from the grocery store, and Breuer adds ".....and some FUNYONS, man!"
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From Breaking Bad: Funyuns are awesome. Episode info listed as part of the Wiki page above.
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In junior high, everyone brought a bag of chips and a 2 liter of soda to stock the refreshments table. There was a guy who would eat an entire bag of Funyuns every time, then proceed to go slow dance with girls. We called him the boa constrictor, because you'd start at a normal distance, and by the time the song ended, he'd slowly squeezed so that you were pressed right up against him, breathing Funyuns breath.

I haven't seen him in 20 years, but I will never, ever NOT associate this dude with Funyuns.
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The Dead Alewives' sequel to their classic Dungeons & Dragons sketch takes place at a school, and we hear the following lines shouted/whined from the background:

"Does anyone have a quarter?... If nobody has a quarter I have to get Funyuns!... The Funyuns are stuck in the machine!"

The Funyuns are stuck in the machine. Not only are you unable to get what you want, but you can't even get what you don't want. Your desire leads only to suffering and loss, as you now possess even less than that with which you started. It's some kind of goddamn metaphor, man.
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When I was in Jr High I would crumble up funyons over cottage cheese and I loved it.

I haven't worked up the courage to try it as an adult.
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Classic Onion: Funyuns Still Outselling Responsibilityuns
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