Place online or in SF to make a few good quality custom shirts?
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I want to make a custom t shirt (mainly as a gift). I want decent quality shirts with a simple print on the front. Very small batch, between 2-10. Any suggestions online or in SF? I want much better quality than cafe press or whatever.
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Neighborhoodies has no minimum orders and is very customizable. You can pick fonts, colors, highlighting, stiching, etc. I've got a couple hoodies that are high quality.
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When you say print do you mean an image or text? If text or a very basic (one color) image, I'd go with Neighborhoodies.

If you want a more complicated image, unfortunately you are not going to find anything of decent quality for a low price for that low quantity. The bulk of the cost is in the setup.
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A friend used My Trick Pony and highly recommended them. They specialize in small custom orders.
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The Little Black Egg are good people and local.
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Free Gold Watch? Also, they have pinball.
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