What was this young adult book with a protagonist called Veronica?
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I once read a book where someone tells the main character, "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, Veronica." I'm 99% sure the character in question was called Veronica and the line definitely included her name. (It may not have included the "than vinegar" bit.) What was this book?

I read it as a child or teenager. For some reason, the line stuck in my mind and it often pops into my head when I'm about to snap at someone and encourages me to be nice instead. I have no idea whether the book was any good but I'd love to know what it was, simply for curiosity's sake.

I think the main character was a teenager who had a troubled relationship with her mother, who was flighty and eccentric and possibly sent Veronica to live with a relative. And I think it was set in the US. But I may have completely fabricated some or all of that.

I've tried googling various versions of the line over the years with no joy. I've also searched for fiction with characters called Veronica. (Everything gets overwhelmed by Veronica Mars or Veronica Roth.)

I read this book at least 10 years ago in the UK. It was probably a children's or young adult book, but I read absolutely everything I could get my hands on as a kid so that's not definitely the case.

This may be a complete wild goose chase but it's been bugging me for years and years, so it would be amazing if Mefi could come to the rescue! Thanks in advance, folks.
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That is an incredibly common idiom in the US. Do you remember absolutely anything else about the physical book -- color, a long or a short book, binding?
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I know, I really wish it had been a more distinctive quote! Would have saved me years of searching...

It probably wouldn't have been a short book (and definitely wouldn't have been a short story) as I've always read quickly and like long books I can sink my teeth into. I can't remember anything else about the physical book itself, I'm afraid.
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Did you ever get into Archie comics? Because that sounds like a line that would very likely have come up in them.
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Don't want to threadsit but nope, I was never into Archie, sorry.
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I am 90% sure this is Veronica the Show-Off (or one of its sequels).
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Is it by any chance from the movie Heathers? Winona Ryder's character is named Veronica, and her parents spout a lot of cliches.
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jeudi, that book doesn't look familiar but it's selling for peanuts on Amazon so I'll take a gamble! Thanks.

BlahLaLa, it was definitely a book, but thanks anyway.
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Veronica Ganz?
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It's been a while since I read it, so no promises, but could it be Veronika Decides to Die?

I could see someone saying that to a suicidal person.
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Could this have been one of Ilene Cooper's books like Mean Streak or possibly Queen of the Sixth Grade?
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I don't think it was any of those but thank you for all the suggestions!
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