Places to stay in Naples and along the Amalfi coast (parking and view?)
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My mother, two adult sisters and I are traveling mid-may to see Pompeii and the Amalfi coast and are wondering where to stay. I saw a few older threads but in the age of Airbnb I'd love some fresher recommendations... We're easy, but we do want an ocean view where possible, and preferably a place to park. Any suggestions?
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I stayed at this place with my family, and it was absolutely wonderful. It's run by a lovely older couple who make great breakfasts (and if they offer to make dinner one night, take them up on it -- possibly the best meal I've ever had!) and who are very helpful with suggestions of what to do. There's plenty of room to park, lovely views from the terraces, and great walking trails directly from the property.
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(I should mention that it's not technically on the Amalfi coast.. it's near Sorrento. But it's not far from Pompeii!)
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I am 99% sure you do not want to be driving in Naples; I've done it and it lives up to its reputation for confusion and chaos. Thankfully I was with a native for most of the time, but once the autostrade was closed and I ended up driving aimlessly through the bowels of Naples with no guidance... yeah. Not a pleasant experience! So if you are traveling through Italy in a car - as makes perfect sense with a family - I'd recommend staying outside of major cities, especially Naples.

I can't recommend specific places in the Pompei/Sorrento general area, having always lived in an apartment when I was there, but elsewhere in Italy I've not gone wrong with aribnb rentals with good reviews. Try looking in the general area of Sorrento and Positano - they'll be a bit pricey because of the location, but should have the environment you're looking for. One note - the trip from Positano to Pompeii is a bit nausea-inducing, owing to the fact that you're on roads that zig-zag up through the mountains along the coast, so if you're going to Pompeii it might be easier to stay closer to the ruins for a night and then move southward. Also, modern Pompei is easy to navigate and should be cost-effective, depending on when you're there. If you'd like specific B&B recs, memail me.
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