Best Romantic New England B&B Spots
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My partner and I are looking for a cute, cozy B&B for a short getaway at the end of May. Our ideal spot would have...

--a nice B&B feel, i.e. cute rooms, friendly proprietor, some thought put into making the experience more personal than a stay at a nice hotel.
--no more than 2-3 hours drive from the Boston area.
--located in a town with some type of charm...maybe a cute little downtown to walk around, historical sites are a bonus as we're big American history buffs, possible nearby hiking trails (with the hope that this snow will one day melt), etc.
--we are big fans of the in-room hot tub/Jacuzzi tub, so that would be a plus but not required
--also a bonus (though not required) if they do anything special for couples/honeymoons. This will be a sort of mini-honeymoon as we're saving up to do a longer/more distant honeymoon at a future date.

I can't think of much else, but am happy to update if you have more specific questions about our preferences!
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The Hancock Inn in Hancock, NH fits most of your criteria. Maybe 1 1/2 hours from Boston. It's in the Monadnock region so there are plenty of hiking trails.

It's a historical inn, some of the rooms have the original very wide (and charmingly warped) pine flooring. At least one, maybe two of the rooms have in room Jacuzzi.

Their restaurant is also top notch and has The World's Greatest Pot Roast. I know you're probably thinking that pot roast is at best mediocre but I'm telling you they have some seriously amazing pot roast.

Many years ago I stayed at The Inn At Long Last in Chester, VT. It was a gorgeous old inn run by a guy named Jack. Google now tells me it's under new ownership and named The Fullerton Inn. I can't vouch for it currently but if it's half as good as it once was I think you'll be happy with it.

A little further out (5ish hours) you could look into Southwest Harbor, on Mt. Desert Isle in Maine. It's the "quiet side" of the island and there are plenty of nice B&Bs in the area with some epic hiking to be had all over.
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Best answer: Well, if you're interested in Maine, we stayed here some years ago and it was very nice. They definitely had some fancy tub options. Hallowell is a neat little town on the water with nice shops and restaurants and there's plenty of woods/hiking about if you're willing to take a drive.

The other option would be someplace Down East in Maine... we stayed in Rockland in May once and depending on the weather you could hike Mount Batty and Megunticook. Rockland/Camden are really nice and pretty and the hike is lovely. They also have nice museums/shopping/restaurants but are a little touristy and as a result expensive.

Both of the above options are closer to 3 hours in driving.
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Here are 50-some odd B&B's on Martha's Vineyard, some of the up-island ones are wonderfully remote. Look me up if you decide to come visit!
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I love the "Inn at Weathersfield".
It has much of what you're looking for. It is not in a village but it is a small drive to Woodstock, VT which is certainly a favorite as fair as quaint New England towns go.

The Inn is in beautiful historic building that has a terrific restaurant. I know at least one room has a double whirlpool tub. It also has a terrific deck with a fire, Adirondack chairs and they'll serve you drinks and s'mores out there!

Nearby is the terrific Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller National Historical Park, along with many other historic attractions.
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The Red Lion Inn is not small at all, but it is cozy and makes for a great winter weekend getaway. Lipstick Thespian and I went there 2 weekends ago and loved it. There may be in-room jacuzzis in some of the new rooms in the standalone houses, but there's also a year-round heated pool and jacuzzi at the main inn. The lobby is full of old velvet couches, puzzles and books and there's always a fire in the fireplace. There are two cozy taverns that serve great food, a lot of it local, and there's live music in the pub downstairs. Stockbridge is a cute place to walk around for an hour or so, and there's the Norman Rockwell Museum nearby (recommended) and then plenty of other towns within a short drive that are fun to explore (Great Barrington, Lee, etc). We found a palce about an hour away that offered sleigh rides and did that one afternoon. It was all we'd ever wanted from a New Englandy romantic getaway.
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The Inn at Green River covers your bases, I think. It isn't directly in a town, but it's quite near Great Barrington, MA. The rooms are very nice, have big jacuzzi style tubs and the proprietor is super nice.
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