Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - alike?
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I'm looking for a high quality arcade flying-around pew-pew-pew game a la the Rogue Squadron series that will actually run under Windows, unlike the latter two Rogue games (which can't be emulated). Basically, I want to fly around really fast, shoot other things that are also flying around fast, and drop bombs on other things, without buying a TV, GameCube, etc. Any ideas?
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I was about to say "oh, you just need to use Dolphin" but uh yeah, they're not exactly playable.

If you want to try Steam, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon or Strike Suit Zero. AC:AH is the latest in a long series of arcadey flight sim games, it's more "realistic" than the earlier games and suffers for it, but it's still quite a bit of fun. If you're feeling ambitious, you can emulate the excellent PS2 games (4/5/0) using PCSX2, 5 and 0 still hold up really well. SSZ has you flying a fighter that turns into a robot in space, blowing shit up, and is both very pretty and very cheap. Highly recommended.
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To go oldschool, have you tried the xwing and tie fighter games?

Or Wing Commander?
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Freespace 2 with the Source Code Project modifications is completely gorgeous and wonderful. GoG, $10:
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maybe the story mode of star citizen will be up your alley?

I loved the rogue squadron games, and i'm looking forward to that. As they say in their intro video though, this genre has been pretty goddamn dead over the past 10-ish years.
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I absolutely adore the Crimson Skies games, which are pretty much the same game as Rogue Squadron set in an alternate history America at war.
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Freelancer is also great:
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Crimson Skies is an old game but it is still as beloved as it is for a reason.
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Strike Suit Zero- fantastic so far. All the other suggestions look like they'll keep me going for a while. Thanks!
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