Help me figure this out: What river am I thinking of?
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I remember hearing or reading something about a river in England(?) that was very narrow but incredibly deep and fast flowing. At parts it looked like a stream that you could wade across but it was actually hundreds of feet deep. It was described in a way that made it sound like a terrifying abyss masquerading as a small country stream/river. Googlefu has failed me, it thinks I'm looking for the Thames. Help me out, AskMeFi!
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Was it this cracked article on the Bolton Strid?
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Could it be the Bolton Strid?
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Wow, that cracked link is terrifying. The only one I've ever heard of was Corryvreckan, thanks to IKWIG.
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The Strid is lovely. I have some photos of myself as a child, sitting on the rocks as the falls splash around me. I remember an old flat-capped Yorkshireman saying "'ope yer not thinkin' of 'avin' a paddle, lad. Tha' parents'll miss thee."
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Nthing the Strid. If you ever find yourself near Bolton Abbey the walk up the the Valley of Desolation is quite nice as well. In a few weeks the bluebells should be out and the area up there is just covered in wild garlic if that suits your fancy as well.

Head downstream to where it widens out near the ruins of the abbey there is a nice pebble area for some paddling and a long line of stepping stones (or a bridge) to get across the river.
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Bolton Strid is indeed what I was looking for. Thank you all.
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