My laptop's touch screen is glitchy; should I replace it?
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I have a first-generation Lenovo Yoga 13" laptop that's about a year and a half old. The touch screen has an essentially permanent glitch in it. Is this likely something caused by damage to the screen itself, that would go away if the screen was replaced, and if so, what do I need to make the replacement?

The lines always appear in the same place, and although they get fainter after the screen has been on for a while, they never go away entirely. Pressing very lightly on the screen, as I've done in the picture, makes the lines much more visible. Those two things lead me to believe that it's the screen rather than a graphics card issue.

The laptop is out of warranty, so I would have to either eat the cost of the repair or attempt a DIY replacement. I've watched some videos of the replacement process and think I can swing it mechanically, but I'm a little unsure as to what part exactly I need. I've found a couple of replacements that are low-costish, but then there's this one that's almost $400 and says it includes the digitizer too. I assume there's a difference, given the cost difference, but do I actually need whatever's in the $400 one?

I'm generally pretty confident in my ability to disassemble and reassemble the parts, I just would like to make sure I've got the right one (and not spend way more money than I need to, for a laptop that I could replace for not too much more than that $400). It'd also help to have a good idea of whether replacing the screen might actually work. Any help or pointers towards other forums that might have more specific knowledge would be much appreciated.
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Have you tried calling Lenovo yet?
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Yeah, that's physical damage. Replacing the screen will likely fix it, although for that kind of glitch sometimes it's only the display cable that needs to be reseated, cleaned, or replaced. YMMV.
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