Best way to store iPhone videos on Flickr?
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I need help with getting my iPhone videos (home videos, all 2 minutes or less) to upload to Flickr - ideally using their app, but open to other ways as well. Why can't I do it?

Please walk me through this like I'm a 10-year-old, because that's about how idiotic I feel not being able to do this.

I take all my pictures and short video clips on my iPhone (2 years old, 4 something model). I upload my pics to my Flickr pro account via their app. However, about a year ago or so, when Flickr released their updated app, the ability to upload videos disappeared. I googled about it at the time, saw a bunch of people complaining about the same thing, and figured Flickr would fix the issue in the next release, and forgot about it. Now I've received a new iPhone as a birthday present and need to get it activated - but want to make sure all my pics and videos from my current phone are on Flickr before I do.

How do you guys do it? Is there something obvious I'm missing? There must be? When I open the flickr app, I tap the camera icon on the bottom, then the thumbnail image on the bottom left to bring up my camera roll. However, when the camera roll opens, it does not contain any of my videos, only still pictures. Help?
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Best answer: According to this help forum post you can do it with FlickStackr (it's $1.99).
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You could copy the videos to a computer and upload them from there. This link gives the official method, but I usually just open it like you would a jump drive and copy what I want.

You may not even have to copy them: Plug the phone into a computer - Open Flickr on the computer and go to the upload page - Browse to the phone (it should look like any other external drive) - if there is more than one folder, you'll need to check them all for videos

I haven't done the direct plugged in way, but it is worth a try.
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Response by poster: Thank you both! I tried both approaches and FlickStackr was definitely easiest. Thanks so much!
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