Colourizing an old photo.
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This is a two part question around colourizing this old photo of my mother who recently passed away.

The first part of the question is where do I go to have it actually done? Are there any online services that can do this? Part of the problem is that I don't even know how much would be reasonable to pay for such a service.

The second part is figuring out what the right colours to use would be. This picture has been around for a while but I never thought to ask what the colours of the outfit were. I do know that she made it and it is an italian tarantella dance outfit.

The ultimate goal is to create a framed canvas print to give as a gift to each of my siblings. For what it's worth, the original was scanned at a higher resolution than I have uploaded to imgur. I do understand of course that I can just use it as is, but I'd like to get it colourized at least so I can have the option of using either version.
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Best answer: There's a subreddit where you can ask people to do this for free, and some of the results are quite good (though YMMV). It may also help that there is a personal story, and the gift is a nice gesture.

I'm sorry for your loss--it's a lovely photo, and I'm sure your mother danced a mean tarantella.
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The paper "Colorization Using Optimization" provides some useful examples of what can be done.
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Sorry for your loss. She looks like a delightful woman!

Judging from this search, you would probably be good with red and black.
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I was going to say the same thing about the subreddit, down to explaining the story and your reasons for doing the colorization. They do some awfully nice work!
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If you don't want to post it publicly on that subreddit, browse around for a bit and find some previously-done examples that you like. Then message the user that did it, and ask if they'll do yours for a fee.
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