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I searched but all I can find, here or Google (well, I use Startpage but whatever), is comic BOOKS. These are not books. These are huge sheets of newsprint from 1932, 1934, around there.

My dad inherited some stuff from an uncle awhile ago. Amongst this stuff were comics, printed on newsprint. He wanted to learn more about them and if they might be worth something (as opposed to being useful for starting fires or something). I directed him to the library to look for books on values of comics and Google and he had no luck. I checked as well. All we can find is stuff about comic *books*.

I need some Google help. What will help me learn about comics on newsprint rather than comic books? I tried -book and -books with various combinations of newsprint, comic, tarzan (there are others but that seemed the most likely to give results), 1930s, 1934, etc., but that was not very helpful, or at least I am not able to tell if it is helpful since all I know about comics is that nowadays they are apparently called graphic novels.

Any search help or direction to appropriate comic web sites would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also I have no idea which category to use for this. I chose computers and internet because my question is mostly about searching Google.
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Best answer: I can't find anything like an Overstreet guide for newsprint, but these guys sell original newspaper comics from that era, so you may be able to get a reference point from their site.
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Best answer: There's a listing on eBay which should get you in the ball park, Collectible Newspaper Comics.

A quick assessment says...kindling.
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Best answer: Not kindling. Very cool and somewhat rare, even if not very valuable. I bet a cartoonist or fan would take them off your hands. Try posting here with details on what you have.
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Response by poster: I don't know, Ruthless Bunny... at a few dollars or so per sheet, and probably 100 or 150 sheets... That would keep my dad's horse in hay for at least 6 months. :)

Thanks everyone. I will look around for comic collectors in addition to the links provided here (no Facebook account, so we don't have access to that one).
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