Public places to piano in Washington, DC
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I was supposed to fly out of D.C. today but due to the weather my flight's been canceled and I had to reschedule for tomorrow! I'm in dire need of a piano to practice for 1-3 hours some point today. Are there any public places, universities/libraries/lobbies etc that would offer a piano for free (or cheap) that I could practice on? Thanks for any suggestions!!
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Where are you staying in DC?
posted by mercredi at 8:38 AM on March 17, 2014

Response by poster: Currently in Adams-Morgan but willing to travel if necessary. Because of the conditions probably won't be able to go too far, don't have a car unfortunately
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I know Catholic University has a number practice rooms in their music department. Couldn't hurt to call and ask if you could play there for a bit. On the metro!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendation! I was unable to get through to the music department but looks like they may be closed because of the weather, will try again later
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Best piano bars in the district. Call and ask if you can play for a couple of hours? Business will be slow today, might have a good shot at a yes.
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I might call fancy hotels - the St. Regis, the the Willard, the Mayflower. It's a long walk, but you could walk to them if needed.
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The one on the bottom level of the Grand Hyatt on 11 & H NW was what came to my mind first as well. But for those sorts of in-public spots you might be better off with the "apologize rather than ask permission" approach.

I put the call out on the @welovedc twitter account, maybe someone will offer up an idea there.
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I'm a bit late to the party, but you might check with the Tabard Inn.
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