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What are the websites (if any) that seek to collaborate online discussion and activism into coherent steps for individuals as well as assistance collaborating on projects or areas of activism?

I tend to want to be involved with activism but due to PTSD and other health issues I have limited ability to be involved. I have found this to be the case with other online activists who often have traumatic symptoms related to the societal issues they want to see worked on (child abuse, assault, poverty, racism etc). I really want to participate with action steps in terms of how we create projects but since many of us are limited in what we can do, it would be cool to have a home base where people with various personal activist causes could work together and support each other. And I don't mean just posting a cause and leaving it, I mean more interactive discussion forums where people are proposing solutions and really working in detail to figure out how to solve problems, more than just "this thing is a problem and we all agree!"--- looking for quality research on the topic, becoming very well educated on possible solutions and strategies that have been tried and what the results are...

My friends and I tried to make a national website doing this in support of women with unplanned pregnancies and who have placed children for adoption but since we both have PTSD from losing children we found it difficult to manage a site with a lot of pain and suffering coming in. This is often true of support forums for any issues, and I found I really didn't want to do support of the after effects of bad things as much as collaborate towards preventing bad things happening to people because some wounds are so messy you can't do much for people after the fact but support them in whatever messy states they are in, and sometimes people really don't want to be shamed for not recovering the way the world thinks they should-- leaving people to the reality of their wounds is sometimes the most respectful thing to do rather than trying to force an amount of recovery that is unrealistic or denies the humanity and grief/pain of the person in question.

That's just sort of why I would rather work with people who are looking towards strategies to get resources to families, the disabled, the elderly, the ill... and coming up with strategies to make support systems work better and having a better educated public and volunteer system so that volunteering is done smart and effectively.

I'd particularly like an online home base where people compare research notes on effective strategies for support and public education- and where people could collaborate on personal projects and objectives towards understanding human needs and how to make a more responsive system and society that matches actual human welfare needs.

Is there anything like this? I see online forums about humanism and such but I notice there is a lot of free thinking and not as much comparison of all the good research already being done- to really dig into that and use it to advance human welfare in actual action steps and making real progress. I like thinking about the universe and goodwill toward others in the abstract but I'm looking for people who are more into the nitty gritty details of meeting human needs and how to look at how well we're really doing that in people's home lives, work places, and other societal structures.

There is so much awesome research being done in these areas and I crave discussion with people who are reading it and trying to find ways to apply it. Thanks for reading! Don't feel like it has to be an exact match to answer this, I'd rather more answers than less, thanks everyone!

To make it more clear though I can't do any in person volunteering due to commitments with my family, and I feel surely there are others who want to to activities to help but only online. I would eventually like to run a non-profit or ethically designed for-profit, but I'm not there yet and I don't have availability for anything I'm not allowed to bring small kids to.
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It sounds like the New Organizing Project's Organizer Toolbox is for you. Lots of online trainings and resources on how to be effective at advocacy and campaign work.
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Response by poster: Just to say in continuing to do my own searching for this; this is sort of what I was thinking but it didn't get a lot of action:
Ethical Society without Walls

Something similar but more active would be awesome (or I guess maybe I'll have to make it someday if it's really not a thing that already exists!)
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