Where can I get a soda charge holder for a seltzer bottle in Seattle?
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I want to get a soda charge holder today. This place is in Seattle but not open today. I want to get it in person because I'm not sure the measurements are the same. I have an older iSi soda siphon and want to bring it in to make sure the charge holder fits. Can anyone think of a place in Seattle that sells seltzer bottle parts or even new seltzer bottles and is open today?
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A couple places you could call and ask: Sur La Table and Kitchen Basics.
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Seattle Restaurant Supply is open Saturdays. Technically it's in Shoreline, but just a few blocks over the border. It's worth giving them a call.
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If you're still looking I have a spare one, though it may be the wrong size (it's an 85 or newer version). I will have it with me at work at a Ballard bar tonight. Memail me if you want to arrange a meet.
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