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Hi there! My fiance, stepdaughter and cat are finally ready to tangibly start looking for places to live on our own! Yay! I'm looking for websites/resources I can go to besides craigslist, the newspaper, and the regular websites that pop up on the first page when you google about renting. Does anyone know of any other places to find rental listings? Thanks in advance!
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Good luck!
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If by "SE PA" you mean smaller towns and rural areas, you'll want to pick up the local paper and also start driving around looking for "for rent" signs in the areas you want to live in. Here in Morgantown, WV, it's definitely the case that most small landlords who only own a few properties won't advertise online at all, and I imagine landlords in semi-rural PA aren't much different. My landlord is in his late 70s and wouldn't know Craigslist if it bit him. Every time he has a place available he puts a sign with his phone number up in the yard and it's rented within a couple of weeks.
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I found my current rental with the app. Also could you maybe narrow "SE PA" for us? Do you want to live in Philly or Media or Morrisville? SE PA is lot of real estate.
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I was going to ask for narrowing too -- for example, in Philadelphia, it depends a lot on where you want to live, but there are lots of management companies and other grouped management situations where figuring out who has the listings and talking to them directly is easier than trying to find places one at a time to see. Still, walking or driving around with a pad and paper is still helpful, either for rentals by owner or to see the patterns in who lists in various areas. For that matter, realty sites often list rentals as well.

Good luck, and welcome to the area!
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Response by poster: Can definitely narrow - looking for places along the 422 corridor between Pottstown and Phoenixville.
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