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I have a round-trip ticket to Jakarta for a week in early May but have no plans beyond seeing the city for a day or two. What sort of excursions to worthwhile places can I take from Jakarta as either day trips, or up to 3-4 nights? (I'd prefer not to fly anywhere as I'll only be in that region for a week, but I would be willing to take bus/boat/train rides of up to 4 or 5 hours from Jakarta.) Thanks!
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Best answer: Get the train up to Bandung! Dutch colonial architecture, a higher elevation which usually means better weather, and great shopping at independent distros from local designers. English is less prevalent than Jakarta but if you're really stuck people will find someone who can help out.

You can also get a ride up to Tangkuban Perahu, the local volcano, for great views.

The train is cushy, about $20 US return for the top-of-the-line eksekutif class and features a meal. Buying tickets is possible online in Indonesian but you can almost certainly just pick one up a day or so before you go. It's about three hours each way and leaves from Jakarta Gambir station.
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Best answer: The train is good. Head to Bogor (trip to around Ciawai would be good or the botanic gardens and the pasar), bandung a bit further afield but well worth the trip. The Puncak hills between Bogor and Bandung are also worthe a visit. For a resort you could head to Pelabuhan Ratu, or catch a boat to Pulau Seribu. Day trip out to Ancol water park in jakarta would be fun. Taman Mini used to be a bit soviet era when I went there, but might be worth a visit these days.
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Best answer: The cultural heart of Java around Yogya and Solo is visitable in the 3 to 4 day timeframe, although it might be a bit over the 5 hour travel you're describing. Huge variety of things to see and do there.

I can vouch for Bandung as well, the city and surrounding countryside are beautiful and well worth a trip.
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Best answer: Get a train out of Jakarta, to Yogyakarta, and base yourself there instead. There is far more for a tourist to see and do in Yogya and around, than in Jakarta. Prambanan is on the outskirts of the city, while Borobudur is a bit further away, Link. Gunung Bromo is stunning and easily doable from Yogya. Travel companies in Yogya will be offering tours to Bromo which will be the easiest way for you to see it. When people ask me what not to miss in Indo, I say Gunung Bromo.

Jakarta is not at all pleasant and you will spend a lot of time stuck in traffic there. Yogya is very pleasant and you can actually rent a scooter and get around by yourself.

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Whatever you decide, taking a car is the least preferred method of transportation.

Seconding what DelusionsofGrandeur said: You will spend a lot of time stuck in traffic Jakarta. I worked in Jakarta for a year, and I have spent 5 hours in the car commuting one way from work. On a rainy evening, 2 hours in the cab for a 5km ride is not unusual.
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