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How to get my soul music fix in Montreal?

Hi all,

I will be visiting Montreal for the first time coming up later this month. Yay! I'm very into the soul music scene in my city and attend monthly soul nights here. I've started collecting 45s and even have djed a couple of times.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a soul/funk dance night in Montreal, as well as ideas for record stores to visit?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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when are you coming exactly? Bobards might be your place for funk, depending on the day. You could also check out Balattou which is about 30 seconds from Bobards, so if there are two possibilities on the night(s) you're free, you wouldn't have to pick.

in general, there is not a lot of soul happening here - to speak generally, it's a lot more Haitian and French African in Quebec than African American, and the music here reflects that. i hope you find something!
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Response by poster: Very cool, thanks!

March 28 (Sat) -- April 4 (Fri) are my dates.

I've heard of the Montreal Northern Soul Society but haven't really seen a presence on the internet yet (just starting researching today).
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Some stuff on record stores: 5 top shops, Yelp listing.

Coming to Montreal in March looking for soul is not the most promising venture, to be honest. You'd be likely to find some at the jazz festival, but that's not till late June.

General event listings:
cult MTL (mostly in French) (ditto)

I can't find anything for you about the Northern Soul Society more recent than 2011.
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Are you aware of WEFUNK? It's from Montréal and it's got a mailing list!
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