No Gmail on iPad
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After a couple years of never seeing this, I try to load Gmail on an iPad2 (with the latest, fully updated OS), the blue, site-loading bar zips from left to right very, very quickly -- twice once in a while -- and the screen below the toolbar stays blank. Reloading gets nothing done. (I can get to Gmail just fine via the app, on my laptop, etc.) I've looked around a good bit, found no helpful information. Anyone know how to sort this? Big thanks for any help you can provide.
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There's a very fine native app from the the appstore, that connects to Gmail, or you can configure your built-in client to read email from Gmail.

Still, your problem of accessing Gmail in the Safari browser can probably be solved by deleting all browser history, cache, cookies etc.. See for that.
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Best answer: I had a suspiciously similar sounding issue but with a different website, not gmail. It was only that site. I solved it by clearing cookies and data from safari (on iOS7 this is Settings - Safari - Clear Cookies and Data)
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Alternatively, you can adjust your settings in Gmail to make it load a basic html page by default ...
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My gmail has been periodically disappearing from the Mail app on my iPad 2. (The account still shows under the Settings app and I can still access my work email in the Mail app.) Shutting the ipad down completely and then restarting usually works. This has all been happening since iOS7, so I'm guessing there's some weird bug.
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MsMolly Me too - on ipad and iphones - not just gmail though - all email login information: gmail, mac mail, exchange, yahoo, and aol.
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No answer for you, just confirmation that this happens to me too.
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