ADHD time management: a bracelet that vibrates every hour?
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Oh hai. I have a serious case of the ADHDs, and with that comes a very poor sense of time. Apps, timers, and calendar reminders help, but I think a physical reminder would be much more effective. Do you know of a bracelet I can buy that will vibrate at regular time intervals? Preferably one that doesn't look like it belonged to a middle school boy in the 1980s? (I'm pretty sure the FitBit doesn't offer this feature, and Jawbone only vibrates if you've been sedentary for a certain period of time. I do love the look of it, though.) Thanks!!
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The fitbit flex allows up to 8 vibrating alarms. Basic info here. I quite like their vibrating alarms.
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The Pebble watch could be made to do this, I'm sure.
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DURR (5 minute interval).

Bonus production video.
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The Jawbone can have up to four alarms set ... you could buy two and have them set for every hour, alternating. :P

If you have the google, what about setting up a google voice number for yourself, and an IFTTT account to text yourself once an hour routing it through your phone and have a ring tone of a vibrate attached to the incoming number (sometimes I think you can make it send the call "from" your number ... I'd ahve to really dig into it to make it work but theoretically ...
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I've used this timer for something similar. You can set it with a repeating vibrating countdown timer so that it vibrates every half hour.
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Agreed that IFTTT is helpful for this, if you don't need the physical action to be on something wearable. I have an IFTTT reminder to text me at regular intervals (for non-ADD reasons, but I could see it working for you.) I think they work with the Wemo system, so you could set a small desk lamp to flash, etc.

alternately, I have used my Jawbone's vibrating alarms, but there is a max of alarms.
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More similar on Amazon.
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Do you really need a bracelet? I don't do it hourly, but I have interval alarms set up on my smartphone for basically identical reasons (I, too, have absolutely zero sense of time passing) and it prevents me from needing yet another device. Because my phone is so much a part of all of my other life management stuff, I really never want it to not be on me, anyway. Android allows you to set alarms that vibrate rather than ringing, by default, but I use a program called Interval Timer for a lot of things, with it set to vibrate on alerts. When it's not on its charger, my phone usually lives in a holster on my hip or in my pocket, so I can always feel it. I agree that vibration, anyway, is a way better way to do this than something always chirping at you, which makes me crazy.

Not that there's anythong wrong with getting another device if that's really what you want, I just thought I'd mention in case this is easier.
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If you have an iPhone Mindful Mynah Is a simple mindfulness alarm that will do this for you.
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The FitBit Flex does actually offer alarms that can be set for specific times. It vibrates until you tap it.
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This casio watch or the Casio LA11WB-1 has a wonderful countdown timer that I've never seen on any other watch. Here's how one reviewer described it on amazon:

The countdown timer - this is why we love this watch. You push a single button once and a timer is set for 1 minute, each time you press the button, the time increases 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 then reset. It's not too terribly loud. I have used this since my kids were babes, through time-outs, and we have X minutes until we leave. I've never had this feature go out on the watch so the button and electronics must be pretty good.

You can set the alarm to go off every hour but for keeping on task I find the easy to use countdown timer invaluable.
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Nthing the fitbit . And bonus : it monitors sleep !
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Watches for those with hearing loss have vibrating alarms - examples here.
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I'd like to second selfmedicating's recommendation of the Casio watch, if you don't absolutely need the alarm to be a vibrating one. It does come in different finishes if you don't like the silver.
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Regarding watches that have a countdown timer: there are more attractive choices than the Casio :-), although it is definitely the case that there are more choices in men's watches than women's watches with that feature. Still, here's a link to the images from a Google search that might help find some options in women's watches.
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I can't seem to stop myself from looking into this some more. (The irony of that, given the OP's reasons for asking their question, has not escaped me.) Anyway, a general Google search doesn't seem to reveal decent results found by looking at individual watch maker's lineups. For example, there's this Mondaine watch (it comes in a white dial version too) if you like a minimalist aesthetic. At $300-400, it's not outrageously expensive.

Another source of ideas for more attractive watches with timer/vibration features may be some of the blogs on watches. For instance, that's how I found this about the Mutewatch.
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I have the same problem. I bought a Meaning to Pause bracelet (actually I bought a capsule and made a beaded bracelet for it). It buzzes once an hour. Works great.

But I'm finding once an hour isn't enough, so I may end up buying one of the ADHD watches like the Watchminder. It looks like a kids digital watch, because it is a kids digital watch. But being able to set multiple timers, have them more than once an hour, and have them customized is important to me right now while I'm trying to get myself focused and on track.

I would love to know what others are doing to combat this. I don't want to use my phone, because my phone is often the culprit that makes me distracted or lose focus on what I'm doing.
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The JawBone Up 24/7 now has four wake alarms and several reminder alarms.
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