Hair Dilemma: Chop it off or keep it? What cut?
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I'm seriously considering chopping my hair short again, but it's a tough decision as my hair grows slowly. I'd love some help and opinions!!

I've had my hair short before. I liked it, but also had issues with not knowing how to style it or getting bored with it quickly. Now, though working full-time I find it hard to actually do anything with my hair and it gets messy and limp easily.

Here is a photo of me today. I chopped off 5 inches of hair about 6 months ago, then a couple months ago I got the layers in hopes of easier styling. Needless to say my hair is still super thick and hard to style, not to mention that it takes FOREVER to dry and I wash it at night. (It's already be thinned and layered. There was a pile of hair on the floor the last time I got it cut but it's still soooo thick.)

Here and Here are old photos of an old short haircut. They are similar to what I'd want.

I like this of Mariska and this layered style.

I was thinking that if I do go short, I could keep it a bit longer in the front so I have something more to play around with as far as clips. I could also try to do some beachy waves if it's a bit longer. I won't probably do bangs. I also think I could ROCK a pixie cut but I'm scared by the thought of the awkward regrowth periods if I wanted to go long again. Although a pixie cut would definitely be the lowest maintenance.

Pros of a short cut:
- Easier to style
- Dries faster
- Cute and fun
- Low maintenance
- Cooler for summer

Cons of a short cut:
-Less style options
- Can't put it in a ponytail
- Sometimes awkward regrowth (see Pixie cut)

Pros of keeping my hair long:
- More style options
- More similar to most women in my workplace (I'm actually not sure if that's neutral...)
- Can put it in a ponytail
- Can curl it/wear it wavy

Cons of keeping it long:
- Difficult to style
- Takes FOREVER to dry and style
- Often am too lazy and it ends up in a ponytail
- Gets in my face/in my mouth often
- Static problems and getting caught on clothing
- Hot/sweaty in summer
- Shedding long hairs everywhere (and my husband finding them in his scruffy 5 o'clock shadow)
- KNOTS and TANGLES! Ouch!

So realistically, if I go short I'm looking for something that compliments my face and is low-maintenance. If there is a Pixie cut that would be AMAZING and also have a less awkward regrowth period if I grow it out then I'd be open to that too.

- Should I keep my hair long or chop it off?
- How short and what styles would look nice on my face?
- If I go short, what's the best way to communicate what I want to my stylist? (So it doesn't end up too short...)
- If I go short, what's the best way to play with styling besides wearing a hat or headband? (Products? Accessories?) I'm not interested in dying or highlighting my hair, though.

As a data point, my husband and my dad could care less if it's short or long so it's a green light from them if I chop it off.
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Best answer: I actually think the shorter cut suits you. Go for it!
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Best answer: I say chop the bugger. You look smashing in a shorter 'do.

One thing to keep in mind: if you're a hat wearer, you want to avoid odd pieces sticking out, as can sometimes happen with a shorter style. But, that's my problem.
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Best answer: I'm currently growing out a pixie, and I've discovered that with the right stylist and frequent cuts, it can look great growing out. Stage 1 is longer layers on top, which is just another type of pixie cut, really. Then you get into the stacked bob (that's where I am now), and then a short layered bob. What I'm disliking about my growing-out period right now is that I have to blow-dry my hair to fight my natural wave, and I have to wait longer than I'd like between cuts.

Pixies can be fun to style! Wear it forward, slick it down, mess it up, go punk, make a pouf. There are definitely limitations, but you don't have to wear the same style every day.

Here are lots of pics for inspiration.
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Oh, and you can totally add headbands and pins to your pixie-style toolbox.
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Do it. You feel like it and you need a change. Short hair suits you.

It's hair, it grows back. I've chopped and ignored, chopped and ignored my hair in a pattern over the years and never much regretted it.
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Cut it! And if you're looking for more short cut inspiration, I recommend hairstory. A lot of the cuts/styles are very fashion-forward, but they're really versatile, with that "short hair that can look like long hair kind of" thing it sounds like you want.
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I think it would look better just a little shortER than it is now, maybe just above your shoulders.

You might consider trying more of a layered shoulder-length bob, by a really good stylist (someone who specializes in cuts rather than coloring) - on you, this could look totally wonderful. You could still put it in a ponytail if it bothers you. Also, more layery bangs stuff would be nice, and might also give you less annoyance.
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You look great with the shorter do! Chop it off! Of the two styles you posted, I like Mariska's better. It looks a little bit younger than the other which is veering into "cool Mom" territory with those very face framing ends.
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One more point on the "con" list for short hair: the shorter you go, the shorter the time between haircuts. I have a pixie and need a cut about every five weeks. I have fast-growing hair, but still. So factor in the cost and frequency of professional maintenance.
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Best answer: I'm just a stranger on the internet who doesn't know much about hairstyling, but I think you should go for a pixie! You have the perfect face for it and I think it would look amazing in you. If you want grow-out inspiration, I think Michelle Williams has been doing a nice job of growing out her short hair.
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Best answer: I think your hair looks great in all the pictures you've linked. That said, you would definitely look great in a pixie cut. Yes, it would mean a lot of maintenance if you wanted to keep the cut with fast-growing hair. I have fast-growing, thick hair, and while I really liked my pixie, I had a hell of a time growing it out and went through a couple of veeeery awkward stages. Many were the times when I'd decide "This is it; I'm growing it out" and then about a month later get it all chopped off again back to a pixie, because it looked so terrible.

Carey Mulligan, somehow, managed to gracefully grow out her pixie, though, can be done!

Of the two shorter cuts you linked, I like the "Mariska" one best.
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You have a sharp chin and large eyes. Either go for a chin-length bob or crop it all, Annie-Lennox style. I would not do the intermediate style that you've linked to (ear-length). It makes your face a little too triangle.

As you grow it out, I would go for a little quasi-mullet à la Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation. It will be thin (--> no tangles) but still allow for length to develop.

So jealous right now!
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Best answer: Gosh, I am completely jealous. You look amazing with the shorter 'do'. It brings out your eyes and bone structure.

Chop it!!
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Best answer: Life is short, hair grows; CUT IT!
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Best answer: Whoa, shorter hair flatters you much more, it accentuates your cheekbones and eyes and makes your face much more distinctive-looking.

I'd advise that you start with one of those short styles with which you're comfortable. At some point, maybe in summer, go ahead and give the pixie a whirl for a change. You'll be able to grow it into a slightly longer short style quickly enough if you don't like it very short.

I have very, very short hair but can get away with a haircut only about every two months. There's a short (less than a week) slightly awkward stage about halfway through that time period, but then it morphs into another very cute phase for awhile. It can be more versatile than you expect!
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Best answer: I'm a firm believer that anyone that can pull off short hair should do're very pretty, you could definitely rock a fun pixie or any short look and therefore it's your civic duty to do so! If I were as cute as you, I'd be all over this cut.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much all!!

I'll best a few that really resonated, but everyones advice was really helpful and positive!

I think I'm going to do a shaggy pixie cut so that it can grow out easier. It's hair and it will grow back!

I really like THIS and this is similar too!

(Also I lloooovvee this if I were to go super short.)

Any other thoughts/haircuts/encouragement is welcome! :) :) :) Hoping to get a cut this weekend and if I remember I'll share pics!
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You're fundamentally (quite) attractive so you'll look sensational with any of the choices, but one vote for the pixieish thing.
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As a data point, my husband and my dad could care less if it's short or long so it's a green light from them if I chop it off.

Go ahead and cut it. I'm glad your your husband supports you, but who the hell cares what your dad thinks!
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Response by poster: ^ thanks dad
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Response by poster: I got my pixie haircut today!
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It turned out so cute!
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