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Women's fashion question: is there a name for this style of neckline?

This style is really flattering on me, and I want to pick up more items like it (not just bathing suits; this is just the best representation of it I could find). Is there a name for it? Or what terms I might use to look for it?
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Best answer: Halter or Halterneck

Halters at Nordstrom
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Best answer: That is usually referred to as a 'jewel neckline' - it's different than a halter in that it doesn't usually "tie" or "fasten" at the back of the neck.

This guide to necklines is pretty handy, too.
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Best answer: I think if you add "draped" to halter or jeweled neck, you'll see things that are closer to that neckline, as well.
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Best answer: dotgirl is right and I realized that the top you posted does not fasten at neck.

I searched for "gathered neckline" and got similar top style you are looking for. Example here.

Also, "shirred top".
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Best answer: Another word you might look for, particular if you're considering making or buying someplace like Etsy is "pillowcase". That specific look where the fabric is gathered along a ribbon or a string is commonly called that in craftier circles.
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