What sort of therapist do I need?
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I am tired of myself, and feeling like I do, and I feel very isolated with it all. I realise that probably need to go and talk with someone. What kind of therapist do I need to look for? Does anyone have any recommendations for English speaking therapists in Amsterdam?

I don't want to use his space to splurge out all of my problems, I'll keep it short. I'm a British male in my mid-20s. For the past couple of years I have been feeling the weight of loneliness, lack of direction, and personal unhappiness. After trying to overcome it by myself and get over it in this time, I've finally had enough of this deep weight that's always in the bottom of my belly, and I suppose that means I need professional help. But I don't know what kind of therapist/therapy I need, or even whether I do need it. Do lots of them deal with the same sort of problems, and use the same sort of methods? How do I know that the therapy is based in results and facts, and isn't secretly some kind of homeopathic alternative crap wash? Also, I am based in Amsterdam. I've already looked and there's a lot of services out there. Does anyone have any first hand experience, recommendations? Thanks for your time.
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Yes, therapists definitely deal with those issues, they are the sorts of issues I struggled with before therapy. I went to my primary care doctor and asked for a recommendation, I don't know if that's feasible for you.

Here's the thing: the kind of therapy you need is whatever works for you. Metafilter loves them some CBT as very results-oriented and to the point, I hated it. But I only figured that out by trying it, realizing I wanted something different, and then going back and asking for a different recommendation. My second therapist was an talk therapist who'd worked with many different modalities and we were a great fit. My life is now a much happier one, and I recommend therapy often. Good on you for taking this first step, you deserve more happiness, too.
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Check your memail, tumples.
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Like many people, I recommend cognitive behavioral therapy, but as ldthomps points out it's not for everyone. And it's important to remember that having to try out several therapists to find one you click with is par for the course, so don't stop trying if you don't find a winner right off. I say give CBT a try, and eventually you will find a person and technique that is right for you.
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