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I am looking for TV commercials from the 1980s that feature mothers, women and girls conforming to yuppie, conservative, WASPy ideals of beauty and behavior.

I need a load of these for an art project. I am hoping to find blondes in particular, and if this helps jog any recollections loose, I'm also hoping to find some in Laura Ashley style conservative attire. YouTube links MOST welcome!
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I think this Summer's Eve commercial should fit the bill.
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Oh yeah, Tampax is another source of what you want...
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Basically, any feminine hygiene commercial seems to work Like this Massengill one.
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Diet Pepsi.
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Body on Tap shampoo commercial with a young Kim Basinger.
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Response by poster: melismata, bonus points for something that weirdly underlines the ubiquity and interchangeability of the type!
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It would take some sifting, but you might want to look at the Vintage Ads community on LiveJournal. Here's the 80s tag. There are lots more tags down the left column, but the tags and titles are up to the submitter, so they're not perfect.
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Toy commercials should be a good source.

My Little Pony, complete with hair ribbons and bicycle baskets.
Easy Bake Oven (looks like a Laura Ashley jumper)
Cabbage Patch Kids (check out the tiny roses/berries on every item of clothing the girls wear)
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Perfume and pantyhose are two fertile topics.
CotR Enjoli
Wind Song
Estee Lauder Beautiful
Hanes "Cinderella"
13 minutes of pantyhose ads, mostly 80s (with bonus racism of the silk-type pantyhose ads using Asian actresses).
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Some friends and I had to wear iconic Laura Ashley bridesmaid gear at our pal’s wedding in 1987. (We groused a lot among ourselves about how ugly it was – it felt at the time like a domesticated form of Stevie Nicks style. Doubly horrible.) I wish I had videos to send you, but I don’t.

Five years after the occasion it wouldn’t have seemed so bad: just pair the dresses with clunky lace-up boots and everything would have been beautiful. Your project sounds so great and I wish you the best.
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Calgon, take me away
Mama's got the magic of Clorox 2 (featuring one of the WASP-iest families ever committed to film)
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Doublemint Gum was famous for this.
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Response by poster: These are great!
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