Can you recommend some fashion docs for lazy weekend watching?
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I'm interested in watching more documentaries or miniseries about the fashion/clothing industry. Three I've rented recently were Valentino:The Last Emperor, The September Issue, and Signé Chanel. I especially enjoyed the last two as they really showed a lot behind the scenes about how stuff is made (both the media and the couture dressmaking sides).

I'd be interested in all levels of clothing and shoes, from mass market to haute couture and all aspects from designing to manufacturing to marketing. Also, I'd like it if the films or TV shows were easily available in the US (either can be ordered/streamed online or likely found in a local video store). Thanks!
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Best answer: Yves Saint Laurent 5 avenue Marceau 75116 Paris. It shows how stuff is made. The documentary shows fabric being sent out to the embroiderers, etc. It's fascinating.

Here is a clip. I think you can watch the entire thing on YouTube.
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Best answer: These two don't go into details on process and production, but they're wonderful explorations of how "fashion" is generated and diffused:

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel

Bill Cunningham New York

You also might like Wim Wender's film on Yohji Yamamoto, Notebook on Cities and Clothes

The Saint Laurent documentary is also great!
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I came in to recommend "Bill Cunningham New York", so I will second it.
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Best answer: Amsale Girls is sort of like Say Yes to the Dress, but there is a focus on the design process and on the business side, which I found more interesting than the usual Kleinfeld's drama.
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Best answer: Have you seen Unzipped, the Isaac Mizrahi documentary from 1995? It's wonderful.
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Best answer: I haven't seen these yet! so I can't speak to the quality...
In my Hulu queue (so its free online!) I have "God Save My Shoes" about shoes; "The Tents" a documentary about New York Fashion Week; "A Man's Story" about british tailor Ozwald Botang; "Craeft-Ports 1961" another documentary set in Fashion Week about designer Tia Cibani. "The Fashion Fund" is a six episode series of up and coming designers who vie for the CFDA/Vogue Fund Award.

Have fun!
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I watched Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton and Lagerfeld Confidential a few years back and enjoyed both. Got them from the public library so they should be widely available.
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Best answer: The Look, a '90s BBC series about the fashion business, is all up on Vimeo. I did an FPP about it a few months ago, so check my profile as I don;t have a link handy. They were really interesting and sharp. You will probably most enjoy the episodes about the catwalk shows and the power of the press.
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