Co-Op Game?
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I mentor a 12 year old boy who loves computer games--specifically Minecraft. We would like to play a co-operative game together. The game should be available for OSX and Windows. Thanks for your suggestions.
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You could play minecraft together... either on a public server or run your own private server. Terraria is sort of similar to minecraft in some ways, but 2d. My wife and son play it together.
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I like Minecraft, and I also like Monaco co-op.
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Meant to say that Monaco is not a builder, but I still like it.
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Portal 2?
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Yup, Portal 2 co-op campaign.
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Obviously you could play Minecraft together. Or something like Terraria perhaps which is a 2D builder / explorer game with a different focus to Minecraft?

Do you want to play 'couch co-op' (ie both using the same display in the same room) or over the internet when you're in different places?
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Have you tried looking into the Minecraft mod sets? Specifically, Tekkit Lite and Big Dig. Either of those will add various machine blocks that take one from the industrial age to sci-fi level stuff, in addition to adding in some new resources.
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Are you familiar with the website Co-Optimus? It's nothing but reviews and rankings of co-op games, by system.
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