How to capture scenes and clips from dvd's and internet?
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I teach and need to stop fumbling around searching for chapters on a dvd or having youtube clips get taken down on me.

What are some simple, and hopefully free (if not free then damned amazing), ways to capture specific selections from a dvd or internet media? I want to be able to access and play them easily from in front of classes.

I have Jaksta and it ceased working. I have mactheripper and it doesn't pull just clips from dvd's.

BONUS: Anyway to record streaming video?
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I used to add "ss" right after the "www." on youtube. So the address goes from to www.ssyoutube Obviously you do this to the address of a video you want to save.

Are you on a mac or pc? If you're on a Mac, you can rip chapters of DVDs with Handbrake, or rip the whole thing and then take out what you want in imovie.

For PC, I'll let someone else tell you.
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1) Handbrake 2) Jdownloader. I've managed to capture streaming video with rtmpdump (not user-friendly). Note that the use of these tools may or may not be legal depending on what is copied and on your jurisdiction.
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VLC is a very versatile player. You can record snippets of anything that VLC will play. It's pretty easy, too. Here's a tutorial which will help.
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If you have internet access during the lesson and just want a link to a specific time in a Youtube video, you can add the time to the URL, like explained here.
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Follow ups:

1) I have a mac.
2) I'm talking about "recording" the clip from something like youtube in case it gets taken down.
3) Thanks
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I've always liked MPEG streamclip for this sort of thing. Looks like it also downloads from youtube now, which is news to me.
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nevercalm gave you the easiest way to save a youtube clip. add 'ss' to the url ( and you can choose a format to save to your hard drive.
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Recording videos from online sources -- works great for me.
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"Recording" and "downloading" and "saving" would all be pretty much the same with youtube. Use the 'ss' thing, in that case.
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I've been using NetVideoHunter plugin for Firefox for a couple years now, and it works great to record pretty much any streaming video that plays in your browser - this includes youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. It saves the full video on your computer in a video file format of your choice, so if the video is ever removed from the net it doesn't matter, you have the file saved and can do whatever you want with it. This includes chopping it up into clips with whatever software you want.

I'll defer to others on what option is best for recording DVD clips.
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