Syndroms or Effects named after TV Shows?
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So was reading this article in the paper the other day. Makes me wonder if there are any other syndromes of effects like the one in the article named after or inspired by tv shows.
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Specifically, I can immediately think 'Father Jack' Syndrome. (Father Jack is a character in British series Father Ted). Which is what you call someone who is somewhat delirious and old. I don't know if this is in the books yet but it is often found written in patient notes.
There is, of course, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome which is not just a tv/film thing.
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The CSI effect springs to mind (jurors relying more on/having higher expectations from physical evidence because of shows like CSI). This has been the subject of scientific research to see if it's a real problem but I don't think it's been conclusively proven.
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I would suggest 'Friends' syndrome to describe the moment in your mid to late 20s when you realise you don't have a group of friends like that, or anywhere near as nice apartments. But I don't know if anyone else uses it!
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Not TV, but The Truman Show delusion is a delusion in which people believe that their lives are stage plays or reality TV shows.
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I remember reading about the LA Law Effect and that law school applications increased when the show aired.
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The Skyler White effect (also here --this one is more spoiler-y, discusses final season), but this is more about viewers' perception of things within Breaking Bad and other shows rather than an effect on something outside of TV-land.
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It's not quite TV, but Bogart-Bacall syndome is a real medical thing.
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Back in the day, I remember hearing a news story about bars and restaurants noticing a dropoff in Thursday night business at the peak of Friends' popularity, particularly near the end of its run, when EVERYbody stayed home to watch tv.

More recently I heard this NPR story on a study crediting MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant with part of the recent decrease in teen pregnancy.
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Back in 2012, interest in archery during the Summer Olympics was credited to the Hunger Games Effect.
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What about Jumping the shark? I think it fits your criteria?
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The Monty Hall Problem.
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I don't think anyone's actually called it "The Emergency! Effect" but you'd probably think it's interesting: supposedly the 1970s show Emergency! popularized the idea of paramedic units in the US.
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