Vampire Pigs?
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My mom is trying to remember a book she read in the late 80s that had vampire pigs in it!

My mom read a book in the late 80s (around 88-89) that featured vampire pigs used to murder people. She said they were kept in a pen and people were thrown in to be killed by the pigs. She says this is literally all she can remember. Note the pigs were specifically referred to as being vampires, as in supernatural, undead, blood-sucking vampire pigs, so it isn't "Hannibal". She said it was one of the worst books she had ever read, and I am dying to know what it is!
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Maybe "Pig Blood Blues" by Clive Barker? It was published in Books of Blood vol. 1 in 1984.
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Response by poster: Wow, that is a good guess, but I'm pretty sure that's not it. I was waiting to hear back from my mom to be sure, but she is a huge horror buff, and I know she has read Clive Barker.
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